5 Things to Know About Being a Travel Nurse

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You may have heard from colleagues about being a travel nurse. You might have heard that travel nurses were making up to and beyond $200/hour during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are ready to put that cash in your pocket!  Before you pack your bags and find your dog Fido another home, there are some […]

What Is Travel Nursing: The Importance of Travel Nursing

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Introduction Nursing is a profession known for its compassion, dedication, and commitment to caring for others. Within this noble field exists a unique and adventurous career path known as travel nursing. Unlike traditional permanent nursing positions, travel nursing offers a dynamic lifestyle, allowing nurses to explore various locations and environments, while providing crucial healthcare services. […]

The Best Side Hustles for Nurses

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The best side hustles for nurses are boundless. We know that making money on the side can be fun and profitable for anyone, including nurses. Nurses have many skills and abilities apart from patient care that can be profitable in various areas. Due to this, many possibilities exist for nurses to earn extra money in […]

Busting the 5 Biggest Travel Nursing Myths

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Introduction $5000 a week? Is this another one of those travel nursing myths or reality? Before you start packing and booking your flight, there are some truths you need to know about the travel nursing industry and genuine travel nursing myths.   When you hear something is too good to be true—it usually is. During […]

Beware of Travel Nursing Housing Scams

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Introduction   You’re excited to become a travel nurse and live your best self. You’re ready to pack your bags, and you’ve looked up the hospital in the new city where you’ll be assigned. You’ve already looked up local restaurants and things to do in your new community. However, you heard about travel nursing housing […]

Dispelling Five Common Travel Nursing Misconceptions

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Introduction   As the allure of travel nursing continues to captivate the hearts of many in the healthcare realm, it’s crucial to unravel some travel nursing misconceptions that often shroud this adventurous career path. I’m here to debunk some prevalent travel nursing misconceptions and set the record straight on what truly awaits those embarking on […]

How to Compare Travel Nursing Agencies

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Introduction   You’ve heard travel nurses make bank from different travel nursing agencies. Now, you want to explore this option, but there’s some things you need to know before you pack your bags. You need to know the details of how to actually obtain a travel nurse job. Your new best friend is your travel […]

5 Most Common Mistakes Among New Travel Nurses

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Introduction There are several common mistakes among new travel nurses. Do you remember the mistakes you made as a new nurse? Well, we won’t bring those up again until you can laugh about them. The point is that in any new career or venture, mistakes happen.   Mistakes are evidence that you’re learning a new […]

The Journey of a First-Time Travel Nurse: Navigating New Frontiers

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Introduction   After two years of being a staff nurse and starting my career in the emergency department, I have decided to be a first-time travel nurse. I was brimming with excitement and anticipation for the adventures that awaited. Yet, amidst the thrill, there lingered a nervousness, an apprehension about stepping into the unknown. The […]

How to Find the Best Travel Nursing Jobs Near Me

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Introduction   Are you stuck thinking “how to find the best travel nursing jobs near me?” Are you a nurse looking to add some excitement to your career? Look no further! I will provide tips on how to find the best travel nursing jobs in your area.   Whether you’re looking for sandy beaches, snowy […]