You may have heard from colleagues about being a travel nurse. You might have heard that travel nurses were making up to and beyond $200/hour during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are ready to put that cash in your pocket!  Before you pack your bags and find your dog Fido another home, there are some […]

Introduction Nursing is a profession known for its compassion, dedication, and commitment to caring for others. Within this noble field exists a unique and adventurous career path known as travel

The best side hustles for nurses are boundless. We know that making money on the side can be fun and profitable for anyone, including nurses. Nurses have many skills and

Introduction $5000 a week? Is this another one of those travel nursing myths or reality? Before you start packing and booking your flight, there are some truths you need to

Introduction   You’re excited to become a travel nurse and live your best self. You’re ready to pack your bags, and you’ve looked up the hospital in the new city

Introduction   As the allure of travel nursing continues to captivate the hearts of many in the healthcare realm, it’s crucial to unravel some travel nursing misconceptions that often shroud

Introduction   You’ve heard travel nurses make bank from different travel nursing agencies. Now, you want to explore this option, but there’s some things you need to know before you